Abia Deputy Speaker Rt Hon Austin Okezie visits the bereaved family of the Flood Victim At Elugwu Nkata Ibeku



The Deputy Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly Rt Hon Austin Okezie Meregini (Ugolee) earlier today visited the family of Mr Uduh Ukatta and Mrs Ugo Jane Ukatta who happen to be the grandparents of the deceased girl reaiding in Elugwu Nkata Ibeku in Umuahia North LGA, to commiserate with the family over the death of their daughter Miss Queen Esther Ukatta caused by flooding some weeks ago.

The Deputy Speaker while commiserating with the family expressed his deep sympathy and solidarity with the family over their loss caused by flood urged the family to accept the incident in good fate, confide in the God Almighty and seek solace from Him.

Rt Hon Austin said the devastating effects of the floods is so much that one cannot ignore the affected citizens, hence the reason he came personally to commiserate with the family.

“Don’t be too hard on yourselves by asking too many questions of what might have been or not because God knows the best. Don’t lose hope. I know it is not going to be easy but please have faith in God. Don’t dwell too much in agony but let God be your Rock”, the Deputy Speaker said.

Responding, the grand mother of the deceased girl Mrs Ugo Jane Ukatta in an emotion-laden voice expressed gratitude to the Deputy Speaker and appreciated him for identifying with the family at the moment of grief. She also appreciated him for the visit and his kind gestures to the family. She informed him that late Queen Esther’s mother has been heart-broken, and was grieving in silence outside their house.
In his own words, the grandfather og the deceased Mr Udu Ukatta expressed happiness that the Deputy Speaker deemed it fit to commiserate with them in their time of grief. In that state of mind, he prayed that God would direct the new government aright in piloting the affairs of the state.

Emmanuel Emmanuel
Media Unit Office of the Deputy Speaker ABHA