Abia Govt. set to boost state economy through tourism


Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

The Abia State government has vowed to retrieve dilapidated Federal Government tourist centres in the state and turn them into a profitable ventures.

The Senior Special Assistance to Governor Alex Otti, on Tourism and Entertainment Martins Justice, said the moved was geared towards revamping the state economy through tourism.

Justice who spoke on Wednesday in Umuahia the state capital said they intend to leverage on the theme of the 2023 World Tourism day which focused on green investments and tourism, to project the rich tourist and cultural potential of the state to the world.

Martins Justice and others during the briefing


He pointed out that tourism can boast the economy of the state, given its ability to promote the green economy and lifestyle of the residents of the state.

He said, “Gov. Alex Otti is positioned to drive a regional and national tourism growth and is poised to strive to position Abia as a safe destination of choice for quality entertainment, leisure and tourism, this little drops can already be seen in the lightning up of major Abia Cities within the past few weeks and remedial works on connecting roads within the cities, these efforts are to foster sense of security and a round the clock economic drive for the state.

“Upon resumption of office, I have taken the time to study and understand the key challenges of the tourism sector in Abia State, that also includes the dilapidated tourist sites, the existing capacity gaps within the sector and challenges of hospitality institutions within the state, and we are jointly developing a blueprint for action in achieving the mandate of Dr. Alex Otti’s led administration drive for a more robust and inclusive economy.

“Tourism is not just about visiting new places; it’s about forging connections, understanding different cultures, and appreciating the incredible diversity of our world. It transcends borders and fosters a sense of unity among people.

“It has the power to break down stereotypes, promote tolerance, and build bridges of understanding. In a world where conflicts and divisions often dominate headlines, tourism becomes a force for peace and harmony.

“Yet, the impact of tourism extends far beyond cultural exchanges. It is a formidable driver of economic growth, providing livelihoods to millions of people around the globe.

“Small and large businesses, from local artisans to international hotel chains, rely on the tourism industry for their sustenance. As we emerge from the challenges posed by the global pandemic and insecurity, tourism can be a crucial catalyst for economic recovery and resilience”.