Abia Monarch advocates bottom to top development approach by government



The traditional ruler of Isiama Afaraukwu Ibeku Autonomous Community in Umuahia North Local Goverment Area of Abia State, HRM Eze Amaechi Ugwueje, has advocated for a Bottom/Top development approach in Nigeria.

Speaking on the significance of the 24 years of unbroken democracy in Nigeria on Monday, the royal father
insisted that for any government to make any meaningful progress it must pay attention to the diverse needs of the people at rural areas.

Eze Ugwueje, posited that democracy is supposed to be the Goverment of the people for the people and by the people, which entails a whole lot of expectation from the people.

“I can tell we are only sensitive to what democracy is, our people believes that we have empowered our leaders and they are expecting good dividends and good results from them.

“They are not asking for too much, take whatever you want, but transcends to the common man health, good roads and employment. That’s democracy” he said.

The traditional ruler vowed to work harmously with Governor Alex otti to reposition the State.

His words, “Definitely we are going to work harmously in the State, we will allow them to settle down properly, review the past, arrange the present and see how they are going to make the Future better.

“But I know there are areas where we can intermingle. The area where I feel they have their jobs to do but not in isolation with us, it’s a continuation to the bottom top development process.

“The Goverment should not stay at the top and throw things down to those at the rural, rather an effective feed back mechanism should be put in place between the goverment and the people to know if whatever was disbursed is properly managed and who they are committing their resources meant for rural community area.

“It should not be the usual, any more, they must restrategise and do things differently. We should ask ourselves if the norm has worked in the past 24 years?

,”Every leader should see leadership as a divine call. So they should be able to ask what is this the responsibility that I have and how does it impacts the ordinary man, how much happiness is your position bringing to the next man.

“That matters a lot that’s why the leaders should see themselves as doing God’s will and look at leadership as a burden they must resolve. They should see the next person not as a colleague, but as a person whose needs must met.
The community are not asking for too much, they only need necessary and basic things, you groom from the top, you groom from the bottom.

“There’s so much in wisdom, power belongs to God but some people want to grab power by force, like I said earlier leaders should look at their position as divine for the good of the people.

Making incitful statement is not why were elected, they should try and see how they can bring all the people together and listen to them.

“If the Lagos residents are saying that something happen political, what happened should be a lesson to them, people are saying they need changes or some reviews, you don’t have to kill them or use it against them. They should be happy that some people say something to awaken to do something.

“They are not just saying do small things to satisfy their wants. But some of them wants to satisfy their urge but that’s not why they were elected.

“What makes one a good is the critisim from the people. The people made a statement which is Divine,we want something we want to move from normal to a new era.
We suffered enough all we are saying is that why should you give some in Abuja something for my village.

“Do know you if the person will deliver that thing to our people, what happened to our traditional rulers. How much are you giving to the traditional rulers because the whole burden of the people are on them, when they are sick they go to the traditional rulers, criminal cases are taken to this palace, we can’t leave them, but let Goverment know that if the rural communities are at peace it will extend to either country.