Be determined to change Nigeria for good, Methodist Archbishop tasks Nigerians

Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia
The Methodist Archbishop of Umuahia diocese Rt. Rev. Chibuzor Okpoko, has tasked Nigerians to make up their minds to change the course of the Nation’s history for good. 
The cleargyman insisted that Nigeria can only experience a transformation when her citizens begin to take responsibility for the present moral and economic down turn in the country.
He spoke in Umuahia, the Abia State capital against the backdrop of the current insecurity and economic hardship being experienced by Nigerians.
The preacher however maintained that all citizens of Nigeria had in one way or other contributed  to the problem that Nigeria is facing currently, through their actions and in actions.
He said, “The fact of the matter is that we should be able to make up our mind to stay that Nigeria will be well, because we are all contributors to the problem that Nigeria is facing.
“We keep salient when things are going bad. The press that report in favour of those who have money. I challenge the press. The press are the people who will build the society they can also use their own to destroy the society.
“The clergymen have a lot of blame because some of them have decided to keep salient because they alining with the forces that want to keep this place in darkness.
“We are in a season where Jesus Christ came, where prophet Isaiah prophecied and said that those who walk in darkness have seen a great light and those who are in the valley of shadow of death a light have come onto them and that light is Jesus Christ.
“When herold was told that Jesus was to be born he planned to execute Jesus in order to keep his power. So anyone that is trying to do something different you will see the enemies of progress aligning to destroy them but this time around we should said no.
“People didn’t come home because of hardship as such, if there’s hardship and security people will come home. But there’s insecurity, people are suffering and dying.
“Look at the price of fuel here in Umuahia it is over four hundred naira a litter. How many people can afford that when people have not even seen food to eat.
“So where is good governance, look at a the cost of a bag of rice over fourth thousand naira per bag here in the east, whereas in the Northern states they are selling twenty-eight  thousand naira a bag  Are we not in the same Nigeria?
“What I’m saying is that the people shouldn’t look at party, but those who are very credible and vote for them for us to have a change.
“If people give you money, pray over it and use it.  Are you not seeing what is happening bags of money that have decayed been thrown away while people are dieyinng of hunger
“My message to them is that they should know that we will be answerable to God at the end of the day and God will require of us what we did of the responsibility granted us”.