Fight for Biafra freedom is irreversible; says activist Amanze


Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

A cultural activist High Prince Charles Amanze, has said the struggle for the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra will continue until its freedom is completely achieved.

Amanze, who spoke in his Umuahia country home on Tuesday against the backdrop of Biafra Heroes rememberace day celebration, insisted that the fight for Biafra freedom was in the interest of the ordinary people who had been exploited by Western countries through successive governments in Nigeria.

He maintained that the exploitation has given rise to a couple of security issues which are currently threatening the development of the Biafran land and sustainable peace.

The activity hailed the fallen Biafran heroes who were willing to put the interest of her people first in their agreement on a transitional government aimed at advancing a government of positive change.

According to him,” The British and American government have violated the domestic and civil rights of Biafrans through Nigeria governments.We have faced constraints in the rebuilding, rehabilitation, reconstruction and security related incidents that has hampered a more effective responses with upsurge attacks on the whole people over the past years.

“Aids agencies were forced to scale down activities and gradually withdraw personnel’s. Parties are allowed for greater respect of international law and protection of civilians who are trapped in a crisis that is not of their making. In this generation we have experience none of the agreement being fulfilled.

“We seek redress,apology and a chance of existence, according to the dictate, conscience of our cultural heritage”.

Amanze, equally expressed concern that in the last two decades and half the United Nations fight for gender equality and violence against women and girls has not been accepted in many parts of the world.

He pointed out that the neglect has caused a decline in the status of women, while the world has not seen any reason to restore the Biafran Nation for the interest of her women and girls to showcase their true identity.

“The British and American government has in some sense tried to reach out, to engage with the east to see stability and their economic growth and security as part of their foreign policy is a new development to foreign slavery.

“It is an irreversible trend for them, but we stand up to say no, in many ways they set that process in motion”, he insisted.