Oga before election, your latent campaign against your rejected brother Dr Alex Chioma Otti was massive and intense. You sustained the vain pressure even after his declaration hoping that your rejected and dejected party will resurrect after three days.

Your veiled empty threats and calamitous campaign using your over bloated Ukwa Ngwa to intimate the lily livered crashed like Naira against USD…… *yet ikweghi izu ike*

What else?
The reality of Dr Alex Chioma Otti mounting the seat of governance in Abia is still bugging your over pressured heart. Trust you have your recommended drugs handy because the way you’re boiling have direct bearing with your state of health…..please live to witness a new Abia you shamelessly scripted it’s obituary. It resurrected before your planned obsequies.

You’re already assuming he will direct state IGR to his bank?
Where did you and your Ukwa Ngwa folks direct our IGR in the last 8 years? Are the mind bugging revelations from your kitchen gang not worrying you to the extent that one of your pillar is already spoiling for war, threatening to occupy Government House if Dr Otti fail to bring your partners to book?
Are you not tired and ashamed of these tirades?
Who talks to you and who will convince you to take a personal retreat aimed at conditioning your mind that Otti is coming?

It’s the Ahitophelic counsellors like you that led Dr Okezie Ikpeazu astray by pushing for your myopic Ukwa Ngwa agenda instead of spreading good governance that Abians may smile. What legacy are you leaving behind? Who cares about your constant brandishing your pathetic CV of a Ministry as Commissioner ditching out falsehood and fabricated mendacity?

Know this and know peace : Dr Alex Otti by reason of Abians Votes will become the next governor of Abia State come May 29th, 2023. Not a million you or deployed demonic entities can stop it because Abians accepted him and overwhelmingly rejected your retrogressive posture.

Go home, eat, drink and sleep with your dismantled Ukwa la Ngwa and leave Dr Otti alone while hoping that hunger and frustration will not lead you to recant and make your way to his office like FFK….. Biko lakpuo…..

*Mazi Dr Agodi KANU* .