Ebere Uzoukwa Ph.D

Upon exiting flourishing banking career, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti OFR signalled genuine interest to govern Abia State. As the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in 2015, Dr. Otti democratically secured the mandate of the people though brazenly stolen by those that ruined and plundered Abia resources for 24 years.

Determined to liberate his people, Dr. Otti summoned courage and recontested in 2019. He was again robbed by same people. But his dexterity and consistency would later bequeath him the opportunity to serve his people as he was again elected governor of Abia State in the last and 2023 general elections. Every conspiracy orchestrated by these electoral thieves to steal Dr. Otti’s popular mandate under the platform of Labour Party for the third time was neutralized by God, wholesomely resisted by Abians and good spirited individuals including Prof. Nnennaya Oti, the Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, who worked as INEC Governorship Returning Officer in Abia State.

Dr. Otti has today proven his administrative prowess and commitment to the development of God’s Own State. It is on record that Dr. Otti dismantled the corrupt bereaucratic system that aided corruption and recklessness in the financial system of the State without delay. Little wonder Abia is fast regaining an appreciable measure of stability in finance and project funding.

Through reliable biometric system, the govenor carried a surgical operation on the payrolls of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and the Local Government Areas wherein thousands of ghost workers were identified and removed. According to official statistics released by the government, the New Abia Government under Gov. Otti has saved over 600 million belonging to Abians that were hitherto siphoned and diverted on monthly basis whenever salaries and emoluments were paid. As it is today, the payrolls of MDAs and LGAs are reasonably sanitized with authentic and verified Abia workers salaries paid up-to-date since the emergence of His Excellency Dr. Alex Chioma Otti OFR as the Governor of Abia. The governor had also cleared April and May salaries the immediate past administration failed to pay after its political party lost the Abia Governorship election.

Beyond prompt payment of salaries, Gov. Otti has formulated people-oriented policies and programs that will roundly improve and sustain quality healthcare delivery, poverty reduction, mechanized agricultural practice for value-chain, job creation, promotion of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), industrialization, technological advancement, digital revenue collection and effective social service delivery.

Before the ex-banker’s assumption of office, Abia was far behind in the area Internal Generation of Revenue (IGR) in the country. The ugly scenario has suddenly changed given digital innovations and transparency that presently drive revenue collection in the State. These innovations have amid creating decent jobs, projected the God’s Own State as a model in revenue drive within the first 3 months of the present administration.

Another spectacular achievement of Gov. Otti is the unique approach to road construction and rehabilitation. It is also on record that Gov. Otti beginning from the first day he was sworn-in as governor of Abia State shun all post-inauguration ceremonies and courtesy visits to articulate and prioritize his programs and activities that will mark his 100 days in office. He clearly identified the first batch of failed and deplorable roads that would receive his Midas touch and completed within his first 3 months as governor of Abia State.

That’s why he swiftly moved into Aba and transparently awarded nine (9) critical and failed roads in that commercial city.
As at today, Dr. Otti’s administration has completed and commissioned Shalom, Cemetery and Emelogu roads within 3 months. The Umuahia city is equally receiving deserving attention as a State capital. Some key roads have been awarded to lift the city’s infrastructural status as the capital city under the raging revolutionary projects of Gov. Alex Otti OFR. The construction and reconstruction of roads in Abia have also catch up with Abia North to cushion the sufferings of Abians that live and operate in that part of the State.

Another pronounced achievement of Gov. Otti within the first 100 days he assumed duties as governor of Abia State is the reseting of the attitidunal mindset of Ndi Abia. There is no gainsaying that majority of Abians had before now lost confidence in the government of the State. With the official inauguration of Abia State Orientation Agency (ABSOA) and the appointment of one of the God-fearing allies of the governor, Pastor Dike Nwankwo vis-a-vis the obvious and speedy delivery of dividend of democracy in a seamless and transparent manner under the New Abia; Ndi Abia are beginning to renew their believebility and trust in their own government.

Abians as at today are beginning to think more of contributing to uplift and reposition their State. An objective survey across the state suggests that Abians are ready to render their obligations to their State and government of the day. Their faith is speedily restored in appreciation of Gov. Otti’s repeated resolve to work for them with their money. They are at the moment showcasing favourable attitude and confidence upon realizing that Gov. Otti has courageously ended the inglorious era of money sharing to political merchants and jobless politicians which was the hallmark of the previous administrations.

With the superlative achievements of Gov. Otti within the 100 days, it is exceedingly clear and absolutely convincing that the governor’s vision and mission will take Abia to the right track of economic prosperity and advanced infrastructural development.

Dr. Ebere Uzoukwa, a Political Strategist, Media & Public Relations Consultant, writes from Obingwa.