P-BAT Group Holds Mini-Summit



P-BAT Academics & Professionals, a renowned group of seasoned experts devoted to realizing a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s economy, has declared the commencement of its electrifying mini-summit series.

This mini-summit series is a precursory event to the main physical summit scheduled to be held in Abuja on February 15, 2024.

The Director of Communications, Mary Ikoku, revealed that the mini-summit series aims to captivate a global audience with well-crafted policy recommendations that will facilitate the quick and enduring realization of P-BAT’s 8-point agenda.

The event is scheduled to kick-off today, Wednesday, November 22, 2023, and will run every week till the physical summit in February 2024.

The mini-summit series is designed to showcase the proficiency of each of P-BAT Group’s 8 clusters in presenting a high-level summary of their policy recommendations on the cluster’s most imperative, controversial, and cannot-wait topics.

Each cluster will be allotted a maximum of two points per presentation via Zoom, and the public presentations will be widely broadcast on various media platforms.In addition, the recommendations of each cluster will be enshrined in a Policy Advisory that encapsulates the essence of each cluster’s policy recommendations.

This policy advisory will be published and forwarded to the presidency and all relevant stakeholders.

Ikoku emphasized that the mini-summit and the subsequent physical summit are crucial in demonstrating P-BAT’s unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s development via well-crafted policy recommendations.

“We encourage all stakeholders to take ownership and act towards realizing the 8-point agenda as we approach the mini-summit series and the physical summit,” she said. The mini-summit series promises to inspire a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s economy by providing well-crafted policy recommendations capable of moving Nigeria forward”, she said.

All stakeholders are urged to actively participate and contribute to the realization of PBAT’s 8-point agenda.