Our attention has been drawn to a fallacious and apparently malicious online publication by Famous Reporters mischievously purporting a fairy tale withdrawal from the governorship race by Prof Gregory Ibe of Abia APGA for Mascot Uzor Kalu of APP.

We therefore write to make the following clarifications;
That the said publication is completely false, totally mendacious and the hallucinatory imagination of Charity Uwakwe, publisher of the infamous Famous Reporters, who in search for cheap publicity decided to concoct a totally baseless and unfounded fallacy against the person of Prof Ibe.

That there is no reason for Prof Ibe to withdraw from a race which he has already won since every available poll analysis place him above other contenders.
That the write up is a big joke and a clear insult to the person of Prof Ibe, who has so far manifested seriousness by triumphing over many adversaries in 19 out of 22 court cases at Magistrate, High, Appeal and Supreme Court levels, in pursuit of this same governorship project.

That we consider as highly provocative insinuations contained in the said article since without sounding immodest, Mr Mascot Kalu, the candidate of APP, in every ramification is too junior to the person of Prof Ibe and should subsequently be seen according due respect and honour to his elder.
That the article is nothing but a failed attempt at applying the propaganda strategy of deploying a strong brand like Prof Ibe to accord visibility to a weaker brand which Mascot Kalu represents through the act of name dropping.

That Charity Uwakwe of Famous Reporters is advised to immediately bring down the fake publication and subsequently publish and circulate widely an apology or be prepared to meet us in court for libel as our lawyers have been properly briefed.

That the public should disregard the publication as a fabricated lie from the pit of hell and the hatchet job of a desperate pen pusher for little pecuniary benefits and should rather sustain their voiceferous, aggressive and massive support for Prof Ibe whose chiefest pursuit remains the liberation of Abia state from many years of under development, which Mascot Kalu and his family participated in and greatly benefitted from,using the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA)

Sir Longman Emeka Nwachukwu,Esq,PhD.
Director-General, Prof Gregory Ibe Campaign Council