The Siege is Over; Welcome to a new Dawn in Abia State MEDIA STATEMENT by LABOUR PARTY, ABIA



On behalf of the leadership of Labour Party in Abia State, the SWC, Stakeholders, Members and Supporters of our great party ably led by our honorable State Chairman, Chief Ceekay Igara, I bring the people of the new Abia a wonderful greeting of victory.

On March 18, 2023, Entire people of Abia State, friends and residents unanimously trooped to every corner of Abia to vote for the man and the party they trust and held in high confidence to lead this great home of God’s people away from captivity, from the hostage of men who have given themselves to the devil to do no good but steal and destroy and on the March 22,
2023, our victory was declared to the resounding victory song and celebration by all lovers of democracy and justice.

The people of Abia spoke with one voice and the Lord God Almighty whom we believe in and prayed to, chose to answer our prayers for total liberation from those who have held this God’s own state hostage for too long.

However, like the biblical Pharaoh, they won’t let go but rather chose to toe the path of the stubborn fly that follows the corpse until it was buried and never to rise again. We are not the corpse, we are the children of God and suffice it to say that as Moses led the Children of God away from the captivity of the Pharaohs and his gangs, they resort to toe the path of the stubborn fly, relying on their “Ukwu ose’ stronghold until they were completely drowned in the red sea and the Siege ended

January 12 will mark another great day in the calendar of Abia state as the day the Almighty God affirmed our prayers and songs of freedom, when he drowned the Pharaohs of Abia state in their own muddy waters of conceit, and never to rise again. God Almighty brought help to his people and that Help is here at last.

As your humble servant and image maker of the Party, I want to seize this great opportunity to thank all our members, supporters, friends and well wishers who went all out to make this victory a reality. From the campaign fields, to the days of election, to the tribunals, to the court of appeals and finally at the Supreme court, everyone has made enormous sacrifices to bring us this far as a ruling party whom God has chosen to bring the new Abia of our dream into existence, I welcome you to a new Dawn in God’s own state.
We appreciate every of your contribution to this victory and I maintain, nobody who has given a cup of water, sweated or staked his hard earned pennies for the success of this great party will be left unrewarded.

As a ruling party, greater responsibility is bestowed upon us to prove our calling into the leadership of the new Abia and this is where it behooves every member, supporter and those that are going to join us  in few days to come to lead from your small corners and help us achieve ultimate victory in rebuilding this great home of God’s people, from your market place, your offices, in your churches and in schools, both private and public sectors, the ball is now in our hands.

No doubt our great leader Dr. Alex Otti, (OFR) the Executive governor of Abia State and God’s servant to his people has laid the foundation and mapped out the direction of this great party as a gathering of God’s people, Also it is noteworthy to state that discipline, courage to do what is right at all times and service to our homeland and our people is the hallmark of Labour Party.

We are the engine of this great center of commerce and industry, we are the wheel on which the economy will run and our great leader Dr,. Alex Otti (OFR) has shown us that Davidian example of leadership in principles and character therefore the best we can do to show solidarity to our leader and the party in this great victory God has given to us is to follow his guidance and be committed to the responsibilities of leadership in whatever calling or services duty may call on us.

The siege is over does not interpret a life of complacency at ‘Peppersoup joints’ neither does it embody sycophancy to curry undue favours.
Labour Party in Abia State represents hardwork, family and productivity and only men and women who respects hardwork and the values of family will lead this great party to its ultimate destination until we have set a model of leadership for Nigeria to learn from.

Among the benefits of democracy is the presence of the opposition especially those who had nursed genuine intention to lead in the building process of a viable economy and a home of peace for all and sundry but for obvious reasons, were not elected by the people. Whereby they missed that chance to be in the leadership saddle it becomes incumbent on them to provide sound checks and balances to the ruling government and not to engage in a restless business of campaign calumny and lazy “beer parlour’ gossips of falsehood and propaganda to discredit the great works of the ruling party which they abysmally failed to provide when they had all the opportunity to do so.

This is the new Abia that we have always prayed and wished for and it is the responsibility of every member and supporter of our great party to work for the solidification of this structure by supporting our great leader Dr. Alex Otti (OFR) as the Moses of our time and there is no other support greater than following his leadership examples, his humility his passion to see great change happen and sincerity to see that every citizen and resident of this great home of God’s people is rescued from the traps of poverty that induces people to engage in destructive behaviors that are inhibitory to economic progress and social well being.

Let those who have been called to serve in different offices lead by the tenets of the party and that is service to the people and their society, with the fear of God, honesty to your conscience and respect to the office you have been called to occupy and for those who are nursing up higher ambitions to serve and those eager to join us, do not delay on such decisions, this is your party and I welcome you to a new dawn in Abia State and a new home of industry, prosperity and peace.

Long Live Abia State,
Long Live Nigeria
Forward Ever

Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary, Labour Party Abia State.