We will explore all legal means to bring those peddling lies against Otti to book – group


Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

A group known as the United Abia Artistes and Patriots (UAAP) has frowned at the efforts of individuals and groups aimed at dragging the name of Governor Alex Otti, to the mud with propaganda in the name of opposition politics.

The convener of the group Amb. Osita Offor, in a statement in Umuahia the state capital on
Wednesday stated that UAAP will  explore all legal means to bring anyone or organizations who peddles falsehood aimed at causing a breakdown of law and order in the state.

He said that even though opposition is one of the basic requisites of democracy which should be encouraged, but it should not be about generating negative stories, half-truths, and complete falsehood.

Offor who is popularly known as “Ultimate Commander” insisted that
opposition in politics should center on providing alternative ideas and criticizing  with facts and figures just as Otti was doing when he was in the opposition.

He maintained that it was disappointing that what  the opposition parties are doing in the state is peddling cheap lies and hurling insults on the leadership of the state and when government officials reply in the same vein, they will start crying blue murder.

The statement read in part, “Just a few days ago, some infant adults granted a press conference in Abuja, accusing Governor Alex Otti of sponsoring the Labour Party presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi’s election petition with public funds. They know that this claim is false, baseless, and unfounded, but because they ignorantly assumed that the allegation would incite the President and the Presidency, they decided to level it.

*This accusation has revealed how infantile the accusers are and how they lack a simple sense of research. In case they don’t know, Peter Obi is one of the richest people in Nigeria and has the capacity financially to bear the cost of any court case in Nigeria and the world. This is what simple research would have helped them to know.

“Without holding brief for governor Alex Otti, we are fully aware that the governor is investing every kobo to rebuild the state that was run aground by the Peoples Democratic Party and left in ruins.

“Governor Alex Chioma Otti OFR at the moment has pressed the reboot button, two medical facilities (Amachara General Hospital and Abia State Specialist and Diagnostic Hospital) reopened a few days ago after complete refurbishing and reequipping. The governor has commissioned 4 road projects, rehabilitating many other roads at the moment, and has just flagged off the 3.5km 6-lane road project from Abia Tower to Okpara Square in Umuahia.

“The governor is equally resetting and retooling the civil service, and he is up to date on salary payments to all workers. These are what the sponsors of those inciting and misleading press conferences do not want to acknowledge.

“Just on Saturday, September 30 2023, the governor flagged off Abia Industrial and Innovation Park (AIIP). A massive project that can employ thousands of Abians and all key players for that project was fully on the ground during the flag off, which shows the capacity of the governor.

“Let it be on record, that UAAP will stand by any group, party or individuals who are carrying out opposition activities within the tenet of democracy, but we will not allow any group of charlatans to allege what they cannot prove and get away with it. We will not.
We are stakeholders in this state, and our interest is for the growth and prosperity of Abia state, and we will contribute our efforts to see that the state progresses.

“UAAP shall henceforth explore all legal means to deal with anyone or an organization who peddles falsehood  aimed at causing a breakdownof law and order in Abia state.

“Our support for Governor Alex Chioma Otti has been renewed based on the giant steps he has taken already,  genuine Abians everywhere are happy, the views of other Nigerians about Abia State that used to be derogatory have changed and hope has returned for the people”.