Labour Party in Abia State and the lies of persons of political liabilities deceiving the public



“Individuals of psychiatric disorder who cannot hold on to any civil responsibility but represent dirt of a character not fit to be associated with the New Abia that Labour Party have come to rebuild have suddenly found sport going on air to spew lies against the good people of Abia, we will put them where they suitably belong”

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

The Labour Party State Chairman Hon. Ceekay Igara was on ARISE TV this afternoon to refute false claims made by a member of Abia State PDP, a former cabinet member named Eze Chikamnayo who had found sport in the business of blackmail and lies

Eze Chikamnayo, former commissioner of information during the administration of the ousted PDP government of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, penultimate week, had gone on air to proclaim barefaced lies that Labour Party never existed until about 48 hours to the 2023 General election.

As long as I would not want to delve into matters which boundary is within the interpretations of the courts in line with the Nigerian Electoral laws as amended. Let me make it clear that in whatever form the Abia State PDP and its rogue elements may chose to distort information to confuse the general public, PDP in Abia State remain rejected by the people of Abia at every turn as they were never in any way near a choice for the masses they had held both their lives and economy hostage for over two decade leaving a legacy of ruins and administrative rascality

Eze Chikamnayo knows he is lying and takes pride in doing dirty job to fan his political relevance; I want to assume he has a psychiatric condition that subjects him to lie at all times and takes pride in low moral behavior

More so, I want to believe he has no source of livelihood other than hanging around political corridors with a note of blackmail to tarnish the reputation of people he finds credible and committed to the cause of liberating the state from the claws of his circles of deceptive characters who thrives in fraud and blackmail to earn a living even at the cost of a notorious reputation

However and unfortunately for the man and his gangs, he had just met the wrong group of people that will and are certain to help him get down to the dirt where he suitably belong.

He has never in the history of the disorganized Abia State politics, which he had thrived on for over 2 decades brought anything developmental but blackmail and deception not even from Umunneochi, in Abia North, his primary constituency, He has no clear cut business you could relate him with, rather he lay claim to the politics of Abia State as a mill of outpouring grains where he goes back every often with a pan in the hand and when he is not getting the grains running into his pouch, he begin to spit lies, deceit and blackmail perhaps he could be reconsidered for any role to assuage his greed by any new political administration in power.

This is the man the TV stations has been quick to grant interviews to discredit the great works the leadership of Labour party has been painstakingly engaged in rebuilding Abia from the ruins and filth Eze Chikamnayo and his group has left of the state.

Of recent he has been seen hanging around Hon, Nkeiru Onyejocha of APC in Abuja, perhaps he could string his apron of political liability which he and his gangs has been kicked out of Abia state for, Therefore, Nigerians and every south east citizens watching this fellow on the national television spewing garbage against the government of the New Abia led by H.E. Dr. Alex Otti (OFR) of Labour Party should rather take him for who he is – A psychiatric disorder of a man who cannot hold on to any civil responsibility but represent dirt of a Character and not fit to be associated with in the New Abia that we have come to rebuild.

Now back to the matter that he had gone to the National TV to ridicule himself and his group about the Non existence of Labour Party in Abia State.

Well for the records and to buttress statement made the LP State Chairman, Hon Ceekay Igara during his interview , let me begin from 2011, Labour Party duly contested in the gubernatorial elections with Hon. Stanley Ohajuruka as the Governorship candidate, then in 2015, it featured one Oti Mba as its governorship candidate then in 2019 both at the state and Federal House, Labour party featured the likes of Mrs. Nkechi Ibem Kalu for Ohafia/Arochukwu Federal Constituency, Mrs. Nzechi for Umuahia North/South/ Ikwuano Federal Constituency, and one Precious Kanu for Aba South State Constituency.

Since 2011 till date, Labour Party has duly participated in all general elections conducted by INEC in Abia State but because the likes of Eze Chikamnayo and his gangs thrives in deception and lies of which they have built a notorious legacy – he has no shame when he goes to the National TV to lie and propagate falsehood even when the truth is obvious.

On the case of Labour Party, Darlington Nwokocha and PDP, Col. (retd) Augustine Akobundu, the people of Abia Central made a clear case of who they have chosen to represent them with a victory of about 60,000 votes against PDP.
Now in the Appeal Court judgment that was declared in Lagos purportedly against Labour Party which Eze Chikamnayo has assumed a spokesperson, it is, now assumed that it is the judiciary that has decided who should represent the people of Abia Central and no longer the people choosing their own representatives according to democratic principles – that is the travesty of justice our State Chairman Hon. Ceekay Igara had referred as ‘a rape of democracy and robbery of the peoples mandate based on frivolous technicality’ During a Press briefing in Umuahia.

As a matter of fact, PDP’s Col. (retd) Augustine Akobundu came a distant second revealing that just about 30% of the people of Abia Central voted for him while the rest 70% stood with Darlington Nwokocha of Labour Party
Now what does that imply – Justice served or a rape of democracy, I will leave that to our best judgment.
Now to set the record straight, I anchored the activities at the Labour Party Congress that took place in May 2022 at Patoria Hotel, Umuahia in the presence of INEC Officials from Umuahia, 2 Officers from the DSS and Journalists from various media house represented then on the 19th April 2022, We had the primaries that produced our electoral candidates therefore if Eze Chikamnayo and his financiers in PDP is not deliberately engaged in the business of political calumny and blackmail tell me what he is struggling to achieve from this cheap media stunt of falsehood.

More so, on the issue of Labour Party and democracy in Nigeria that he is struggling to confuse the general public, that brand of democracy that has always produced the likes of Eze Chikamnayo in politics, such that almost brought a thriving South east commercial hub to its knees and subjected the hardworking people of Abia State to servitude and misery while these political rogue elements went on a stealing spree and debauchery, is what Labour Party in Abia has come to destabilize and as much as I am concerned such characters in PDP like this fellow is gone and will never, ever come back to the governance of this state.

Njoku Jerry A is the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Abia, he writes from Umuahia