Plans for Otti’s transition not affected by Kano High Court Judgement – Anokwuru.




Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

The member leading otti’s team in the Abia State Goverment hand over committee Rev fr. Christan Anokwuru, has revealed that arrangements for a smooth Inauguration of the Abia State Governor-elect Dr Alex otti is in full swing.

Anokwuru, who was reacting to a judgement delivered by Justice M N Yunusa of Federal High Court Kano, that purportedly nullified the candidature of Otti, charged Abia residents and supporters to remain calm, adding that the mandate given to Otti by Abia electorates is still intact.

He explained that the Court Judgement was dead on arrival as the court lacks the jurisdiction to entertain a pre-election matter.

The priest however expressed surprise that candidates of
Labour party in Abia State were said to be affected in the judgement, where non of them were served petitions by the petitioner.

He called on the National Judiciary council to look into the activities of judges to save the judiciary from acts capable of demeaning her image before the public.

He said, “At about Thursday evening the news trickled in that Dr Alex otti has been removed by a Court in Kano state, as the Governor elect of Abia State.

“It raised a lot of concern because people were dissatisfied with such a news. But without wasting time we started making contacts to verify the truth and the truth of the matter is that such a Court lacks the jurisdiction and the competence to remove Dr Alex otti as the Governor elect of Abia State.

“To put it to perspective the matter that court looked into was a pre-election matter and a pre- election matter has no consequence to Dr Alex otti now as a Governor-elect of Abia State.

“We want to use this medium to address the supporters of Dr Alex otti and the good people of Abia State that there’s no cause for alarm. Dr Alex otti, is still the Governor elect of Abia State and the preparation for his swearing in on May 29, 2023 is still on going. They should not be distracted.

“It’s a high time that the National Judiciary council looked into the activities of various Court in this Country. It’s demeaning to the judiciary that any Court could raise up and deliver a judgement that will cause chaos and make the whole state volatile. Not only in this matter but it has been the same story in many cases. I think there is need to regulate the judiciary.

“The Otti’s team is literate enough to know that the right thing, we were not perturbed by the judgement. If you look at the petition that led to the judgement, you will discovered that Dr Alex otti was not mentioned in the matter. But it was surprising that at the end of judgement Dr Alex Otti Abia State was imported into the matter. It is also surprising that a court will give a judgement to what was not the prayer of the petitioner.

“The Court of Appeal has also released a judgement that Mr Peter Obi, is the authentic candidate of the Labour party. If you look at the Kano judgement it was talking about the Labour party candidate not being qualifed, but the Court of Appeal has made it clear that it was a pre election matter and an internal matter.

“By common sense one can deduce that some people from Abia State and are behind the judgement, like I said Dr Alex otti was not petitioned in that matter. For him to be included in the judgement is surprising. It is a political matter. In as much as we don’t know those behind it clearly, but I’m sure that they will be unmasked very soon.

“I want to address those who are already distracting Dr Alex otti to stop distracting him. He won the election clean and clear, therefore they should allow him to exercise the mandate the people has given to him. Abians should not panic, the man they voted is capable of handling the affairs of the state including this ill willed judgement.
They should continue in their jubilation and celebration because sooner or later the new Goverment will set in and they will rejoice.

“The opposition should not take the friendly nature of Dr Alex otti, for granted, they have to try as much as possible to allow peace to rein, because nobody holds the Monopoly of violence, we wouldn’t want Abia State be known for this type of problems they planning now, because it will not be well for the government and those planning it. We want peace, let all of us allow peace to rein”.